Sunday, 21 June 2015


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Well we all go gaga over those lovely fruit fragrances that women often smell of and those strong scents that men opt for can make anybody go weak on their knees but what about the welcome home fragrance? Does the way your house smell make you go gaga or weak on your knees? If not then we together with Ambi Pur can bring some change. Read on…

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

After a long day when I return home tired and all exhausted I wish I could have rose petals and scented rose water showering on me for my welcome but where do we have that good a fortune. Bursting my “oh so rosy life” bubble I have different odours welcoming me. I come home to the last night’s vessels smell because I had no time to wash them before leaving the house. I have the dirty shoe smell that I forgot to dry after they got wet in the rain. I also have dirty clothes smell during monsoon as the clothes would take longer to dry. My house sometimes even smells of fish. Although we don’t cook it at home the smell still manages to enter the house from the window I didn’t bother closing.

This is definitely not how I like to be welcomed back home. It is so contrary to my “oh so rosy life” scenario. Well I would still bear with it but would the guests like it? I would live with it blaming it all on me and cursing myself for being all forgetful but the guests won’t take it. They might not say it like “hey your house smells of shit or fish” as such but they surely won’t be pleased either. Despite all the hospitality and all the good food cooked, etc. etc. if your guests don’t leave with big smiles on their faces then it can probably be the smelly house that’s bothering them.

While you take care of everything so well why do you want to let go of all your hard work in drain at the cost of that drain like smell? Battle it. Take it out. Of course remembering to shut windows, cleaning vessels will definitely help but well we are humans and we cannot always remember to battle the odour that way. And that is where room fresheners come to our rescue. Ambi Pur Air Effects is one such saviour. It doesn’t just cover the odours, it completely removes them. It helps our house stay all fresh all day long so that when we return home there is no cursing happening and when the guests come there is no taunting happening. Thus ensuring the my house goes from smelly to smiley J 

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