Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Together we can and together we will, haven’t we all heard of this saying? There is no fun in doing things alone. When you have somebody with you who is as crazy as you, it’s a totally different experience altogether. Well not always are we lucky enough to find somebody who is just like you but I have been fortunate in this case.

Together with someone you can achieve a lot more than what you could have alone. A companion, a friend or a mentor is needed by one and all. The power of two can change a lot of things, it can make anything #TwiceAsNice.

Say if are to go to mall wouldn't we like we got the bag that we liked from Gucci along with that top from Zara? Wouldn't we like to have some Coke with Pizza? Together with something is always better. It makes that thing twice as nice. In this case bag and a top would make for a complete attire and the latter for a complete meal. Now do you see the power of two?

I have had this amazing opportunity of collaborating with my blogger friend to review the Garnier range which when used together are #TwiceAsNice. Having my blogger friend to write this article with me is precisely twice as nice. It’s an exchange of ideas and thoughts. Thus you can see how from a lucid post that either one of us would have written, this one has become a fun one. (Sorry if you don’t agree but we did try :P)

The two products of that we received as a part of the range are-
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub with real apricot extracts and Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Purifying Face Wash with real neem extracts. On using the two products, both us of us exclaimed Wow! Within the very first week of using this product we could feel the difference in our skin. Well, more like the power of two had worked and proved that twice is always better yet again. The apricot scrub did the work of smoothening and making our skin to glow. On the other hand the neem extracts in the face wash very well helped to wash away germs and remove excess oil and thus keeping our skin healthy and beautiful. Garnier has always had a reputation of TAKING CARE as they say and yet again with this amazing combo of the scrub and face wash they took care.

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