Thursday, 9 April 2015


This post is all about fashion and how can one be fashionably correct. Finally I am back to my genre :P
So yes, this post is all about how it is important to stay in your comfort zone while it being equally important to stay updated with the latest in fashion.

The very minute I decided to write a post on this topic, this is what struck me. "I don't do fashion. I am fashion." It is we who decide what it is fashionably correct and what's not. We are the ones who are fashion and creator of fashion. We don't do fashion, we are fashion.

Lets get talking about how can we be fashionably correct?
  1. When we talk about being fashionably correct, we are not talking about blindly following what's in fashion or following the latest in trends.
  2. We believe that fashion fades but it is style that remains. So go out there, create your own style, have your own spark because it's all about you and your personal style.
  3. What is utmost important is that we must ALWAYS be comfortable in whatever we wear. No comfort means fashionably incorrect.
  4. While we do believe in wearing comfort and wearing your own style. Having a look at what's latest in fashion is no harm.
  5. You never know, you might just find a new style for yourself. It's always a good thing to explore.
  6. Wearing something to impress someone or because everybody else is, irrespective of whether or not it is suiting your body type is just not cool. It is absolutely fashionably incorrect.
  7. Remember to always wear clothes that are meant for your body type. Clothes you wear must suit your body only then are you being fashionably correct. Ample of fashion faux pas in this case- don't you all remember the crop top craze? It's still very much in. I don't understand why do people just blindly follow fashion.
  8. Wear what you like. This is crucial. Don't listen to me, don't listen to anybody else. Listen to yourself. You know what's best for you. Well, this is in contrary to my very post but yes it's important that at the end of everything you are happy with how you look and for that you must wear simply what you like.
Well well, so that's about it! Hoping these little piece of advise was helpful :)
Stay tuned for more. Ciao

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