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Melbourne- The most livable city in the world. This title was bestowed to the capital of Victoria, Australia in the year 2011. This by itself shows that it is the city to die for; it is truly my dream city. I haven't visited Melbourne as yet but I would absolutely love to. For only few have had the fortune of visiting the place while the rest of us still dream to experience the culture the city offers.
It is a tourist paradise; it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Besides it has made a mark in the field of education, entertainment, sports, healthcare, research and development. 
The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the dream of all aspiring cricketers.
Talking about the entertainment industry in Melbourne, Melbourne is often referred to as Australia's cultural capital. Various Australian dance forms like Melbourne Shuffle and New Vogue have been originated in this Cultural Capital.
Melbourne offers you attractions in all manners, from fine dining to local street joints, from hassle free drive to Great Ocean road which lets you enjoy the drive along the sea and yet the city laneways let you enjoy the local culture of the city. 
From Yarra Valley Vineyard to the clubbing and dines, one can fall short of time to live through all aspects of the city. From the bat ball frame to the bowling game, the city offers it all.
Lovers of art, to lovers of street plays we have a place for all is what the city says. Shopaholics to alcoholics, go on as the city has something for each one of you.
People with busy schedules, go hope on to the Federation Square, as you will witness the history of the city to the charming life of the city, as I mentioned before the city has something for all.
Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Zoo are world renowned, they are a total must visits of this City.
Just ninety minutes away from the city of Melbourne is Peninsula Hot Springs which is the first natural hot springs and day spa center in Victoria.
What one shouldn't miss out on is Eureka Skydeck. It has an awe aspiring view of this beautiful city.
The Flora and Fauna of the city is also to watch out for. For the nature lovers and to watch a penguin Parade (it would be a magical, once in a lifetime experience) must must go to The Philip Island.

Okay I could go on and on talking about this place, I am absolutely in love with the most livable city of the world. I so wish to visit this amazing city. Don't you all?

For more such amazing places in Melbourne you must watch these videos (Come Alive in Melbourne) here and also visit this site- Tourism Victoria Website

And a few others here:
Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove
Boarding Puffing Billy

Also for my lovely readers here is a contest. Answer this simple question here and the best answer gets a voucher worth 500/- Yess! :D

Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and Why?

Comment below with your answer and the best comment gets the voucher! The contest ends on the 4th Jan 2015! Get participating guys.


  1. I would love to visit Melbourne Museum for my love for art. Ancient paintings and art work has always fascinated me.

  2. If given a chance,i would like to visit the Melbourne zoo and Philip Island as i love animals and also i am a nature lover.

  3. I would love to visit melbourne city to see the penguin parade and also to visit eureka skydeck

  4. I would love to visit Federation Square as the first thought that comes to anybody's mind on talking about Melbourne would be this place, this place has something for everybody. It definitely has to be this place for me

  5. It would be a pleasure to visit the Great Ocean road which features in the top 10 of the world's greatest scenic coastal drives. For the reason being that a visit to this place would definitely enhance my love for nature and my interest in photography. As it would in a way give me a chance to visit the spectacular coast views of sandy beaches, rolling surfs and river inlets.

  6. Great post! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I’d most like to visit the Dandenong Ranges for it’s scenic beauty, breathtaking view and cool breeze blowing through my hair. :P I’d give anything away for driving through the winding roads which are present throughout the ranges. I’d love to stay at one of the bed and breakfast cottages and go on frequent excursions in the forests with my camera which provides excellent views. And not to forget the famous ride in the Puffing Billy, a day reserved especially for that. To add to that, there are also several picnic spots for me and my friends to spend a fun-filled day and the ranges are a perfect spot for hiking and cycling.


    Wish you and your blog a happy new year! :D

  7. Wonderful post and interesting videos that make me feel that
    Melbourne invites the eternal romantic in me to hold hands with my beloved and go see the Twelve Apostles .Go on long drives on the great ocean road. In the middle of nowhere in a vineyard spread a table and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with my dear one. Enjoy the sunsets holding hands and do lots of shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and see all the graffiti being created at the hosier lane.
    Great Post and interesting videos watching them I am sure to visit Sovereign Hill for spending some time in the era gone by. The lure of gold and panning for some nuggets is a temptation that is too much to resist. After I have found the gold I am bound to celebrate it with some wine so I will visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region .Visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight.

  8. Great write up!
    I have very honestly fallen in love with Melbourne City, I so want to get there NOW! No wonder it's bestowed the title of the most livable city in the world. Melbourne City has something from everybody, it is Australia's hub of sports, style and culture.
    I would love to visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region. A visit to the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight and of course witness the magical penguin parade would be such a delight!.
    Besides all the places mentioned in your post I would World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building. I would love to pick up some fresh produce or fashion among the hustle and bustle of the Queen Victoria Markets in the heart of the city.

  9. I would like to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is located in Yarra Park. Cricket has fancied me since childhood. I still remember those days when the elders in my neighbourhood used to start shouting and hunting for us the moment the cricket ball hit by me broke one of their window panes. Running away from them was even more exciting than playing cricket itself.

    I used to follow every cricket match played by India religiously and used to analyse and discuss it with friends and siblings for days and months. Being such an enthusiastic fan of cricket, visiting one of the world’s largest cricket stadiums is one of my dreams.

    The thought of being seated amongst 95,000 other fans of cricket and cheering the players itself sounds exciting to me. Such large cricket stadiums are one of the ways to explore how much the passion for cricket has penetrated among the people of the world. MCG is located in Yarra Park, which also has many other sporting fields. This would allow me to explore not just cricket, but also many other games.

    - Ranjith (

  10. Interesting Post
    After reading your post and watching all the videos
    I feel I have stepped into a kaleidoscope called Melbourne
    Where Vistas of experiences would unfold one after another
    The nature lover in me is enticed by the thought of watching the penguin parade.
    Traveling though the great ocean road, soaking up the freshness as the breeze ruffles my hair gets me in the mood to pack my bags for Melbourne.
    But before I can move ,Puffing Billy whistles and invites me for a ride. The kid in me jumps with joy at the thought of visiting Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
    Even before I can deside on the list of places that I would like to see in and around Melbourne.
    What’s that noise that I hear ?
    Oh its loud cheer from MCG as the cricket world cup 2015 is about to kick start.
    So many plces to see and so much to do.
    I am thetimetraveler ( ) and I have decided … Melbourne here I come ( )

  11. Great post.Just loved your blog post. I am in love with driving and road trips, The Great Ocean Road is the ideal place for the people like me. I will surely visit that place in Melbourne and enjoy the sea shore, sunrise and gorgeous mesmerizing view.

  12. Ohh I can't wait to visit Melbourne City after reading this post of yours.
    I would love to explore this beautiful city very rightly called the most livable city in the world in trams and I would love to be at the Eureka Skydeck and watch the sky fall on to me.
    The feel of being at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and watch a match at the world's best stadium would be unbeatable.
    This city has something from everything. Also it would be an awesome experience to watch the Penguin Parade at the Philip Island.
    Pannys Philip Island Chocolate Factory for a chocolate fanatic like me would just be perfect.
    I also absolutely love driving and as mentioned in a comment earlier I am a nature lover so a drive at the Great Ocean Road would be a life time experience.

    So wanting to go there :D

  13. The contest has now closed. Winner will be announced shortly:)

  14. I'm glad to announce that the Winner for this Contest is Ashna. Congratulations on winning a shopping voucher worth 500/- You shall be receiving the voucher soon enough :) Once again Congratulations!